Fire Talk Computer Security Meetup

Fire Talk Computer Security Meetup

Academia Collaborations

Detectware Security Group aspires to bring our unique program of cyber defense training and research to all tertiary institutions (universities) in Ghana.

The purpose of this technical talk is to bring students of all IT-related fields together for a monthly meeting where interesting topics on computer security can be presented and attendees can then network in an informal environment.

We will generally have speaker’s talk using the “fire talks” format. This will include having speakers present for eight (8) hours i.e. 9:00AM – 4:00PM lecture/lab session.

The deficiency in cyber security manpower can be measured by the overwhelming differences when compared to other countries. The US government has launched talent search for high school and college students interested in working in cybersecurity.

The need for more security specialist in government and private industries has to be acknowledge.

This project will help enhance the technical understanding of computer security, through awareness, hands-on technical training, tools review, capture the flag competitions/challenges.

Educational Events 2021 / 2022

Detectware’s Annual Student Conference ‘Cyber Security for the Next Generation’

DSG – Universities Cyber Security Competition (Open to all Universities)

Cyber Defense Camp (Open to all Universities)