About Us

Formation & Structure

Detectware Security Group was established as an independent think-thank. Our primary purpose is to spearhead cyber security, undertake original research and develop substantive point of view on strategic issues facing executives in business, government, military, and industries.

Strategic issues facing executives in business, government, military, and industries now include the rapid evolution of cyber acts of aggression (Cyberattacks) and forecasting the future of cyberwarfare technology.

These important issues are why Detectware has dedicated significant resources to understand these issues and preparing stakeholders at all level, through education and advisories, for the current and future challenges of cyber issues.

We pride ourselves on creating specialized, innovative, and cost effective security tailored to your business. Our team provides customized solutions to small and large organizations alike – including Club 100 companies, financial institutions, health care providers, and government agencies including some classified programs.

Africa Representative for

  • VTOLabs & Hannibal Technologies | Probing boundaries of future technologies
  • Corelight | Evidence-Based Network Detection and Response & Threat Hunting Platform
  • Social Links | OSINT Tools for Investigations

Mission & Vision

Security is an ongoing process and we strive to foster and support those processes in your organization. We pay special attention to the specific security needs of your company and we are proud to include what we feel is the cornerstone of our process: training your employees to adopt a security mindset.

Research and training are something we feel are so important we dedicate a large amount of time to contributing to the knowledge of the entire security community. We have started a number of open source projects and we are the brain behind all meetup’s on cyber security  which provides monthly hands-on training (HOT) for IT and security professionalsl.

Our  24/7 Managed Services

IT Security Solutions using Security Blanket™

Affordable, Customized Network and IT Security Consulting Solutions

Peace of mind at an affordable price

A child’s anxiety and irrational fears can be allayed with a bit of soft flannel, a treasured blanket. Computer and network professionals have to deal with a world where monsters really are lurking in the dark just waiting for the opportunity to pounce. Unfortunately, flannel’s magic isn’t strong enough to work in your case, but Detectware Security Group™ offers a package of incident response, network, system, application security, and training solutions that will give you the same peace of mind. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing a team of security experts is on your side and watching your back.

Detectware Security Group™ Security Blanket is structured as an a la carte menu of security solutions, so you pay only for the services that you need.

The services consist of a mix of routine activities (simple best practices) that every company knows it should do regularly but too often are unable to perform and others that require skills and tools that are seldom found in IT departments. The services are structured to minimize the burden they place on your staff – in many cases, only exceptions or alerts are reported.


The fees for the Security Blanket™ security solution are structured as a modest monthly retainer – you’ll be surprised how modest. The price varies depending on the size and complexity of your environment, the details of the specific services you’ll need, and whether you have selected a 1, 2, or 3-year term.


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Just Because Something is Simple Doesn’t Make it Unimportant.
Security Blanket™ gives our clients peace of mind. Contact us to learn more.

What Services Do We Offer ?

  • Incident Response

    • Network Forensics
    • Malware Discovery & Analysis
    • Data Recovery
    • Information Hiding Analysis & Research
    • ~
  • Red Teaming

    • Penetration Testing
    • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
    • Physical Security Assessments
    • Business Continuity
    • Honeypot & Honeynet Implementation
    • Cyber Safety for Children (Prim – SHS)
  • Active Defense

    • Honeypot & Honeynet Implementation
    • Cyber & Web App Security Awareness
    • Insider Threat Management
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS)
    • Network Security Monitoring & Traffic Analysis
  • IT Security Meetups

    • Digital Forensics & Incident Responses
    • BankInfosec Cyber Defense (Strictly for Bankers IT & Audit)
    • Network Security Monitoring Group (Traffic Talk)
    • Fire Talk (Universities) & Legal Tech
    • Spintex Area Cyber Security
  • General

    • Computer & Security Issues Magazine
    • Conferences, Workshops, Summits and Seminars
    • Spintex Area Cyber Security
    • ~
    • ~
    • ~
  • Projects

    • Systems Administration Day
    • Computer Security & Data Privacy Day
    • Business Continuity Week
    • Wardriving & WarChalking (Strictly Invitation)
    • Cyber Security Awards
    • The Tech Award & Forensics Lunch