Street-Level Surveillance

Street-Level Surveillance

Cell-Site Simulators, IMSI Catchers, Dirtbox, Hellstorm,Fake Base Station are often used by intelligence and law enforcement agencies, however, legislation around the use of this technology is too ambiguous, so on multiple occasions the law has preferred to suspend proceedings offences containing evidence obtained by this means. Law enforcement agencies refuse to acknowledge the existence of such devices, although this is precisely one of the reasons why they are used in practice.

Over the past few years’ surveillance using IMSI-catchers has become a significant issue for law enforcement and counter-intelligence. The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) serves as the identity that a mobile carrier uses to identify a subscriber, essentially acting as a virtual thumbprint linking an individual to their mobile telephone.

Here’s how it works: The physical location of an individual can be monitored through the use of IMSI-catchers, which execute a man-in-the-middle attack wherein the IMSI-catcher impersonates a cell tower and queries the targeted person’s cell phone IMSI, informing the IMSI-catcher of the target’s location. The attack lasts only a few moments before the IMSI-catcher hands the cell phone off to a legitimate tower, preventing the target from becoming aware of the surveillance. Using this technique, the movement of individuals can be surveilled throughout an area where there is a network of IMSI-catchers, such as the network that was uncovered in the Washington, D.C. area as early as 2014. The discovery of a network of IMSI-catcher devices in 2014, rediscovery in 2017 and In Norway’s parliament.

This device is used by law enforcement agencies during demonstrations to monitor those who were present with the phones. Avoid taking phone to demonstrations, or put it in flight mode, or leave it home.

Tools needed to create a stingray are:

GR-GSM and the IMSI-Catcher script on Kali Linux, Ubuntu, and Dragon OS

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